Rossi Wedding // Naperville, IL / by Vanessa McCormick

Diana and Vince's wedding is one that I have been looking forward to since shooting their engagement photos last year! Just spend five minutes with them and you can feel the love and respect they hold for one another.  

Their Naperville, IL wedding was not one of which I am unfamiliar with.  It was a beautiful blend of a classic American wedding with characteristics of a traditional Laotian wedding.  They paid homage to Diana's southeast asian background with colorful outfits, cultural music and dance and good eats ( you haven't really seen a fruit table until you've been to a Laos wedding).  

The entire day reflected Diana and Vince.  It was laid back and full of love and family.  Oh, and lots of food (Burger King during portraits and 4 food trucks for dinner?! Yes, yes, yes). Congrats, Rossi's, this is only the beginning!